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Deciduous Varieties

  • TR Hovey Papaya

    TR Hovey Papaya

    The TR Hovey papaya is a beautiful dwarfish plant with large sweet fruit (2-7 pounds) with yellow skin and yellow flesh.  It is a very mild papaya in taste. See Mexican papaya for some advice and growing hints.

  • Mexican Papaya 081613

    Mexican Papaya

    The Mexican papaya, quite commonly found in our California grocery stores, is a relatively easy fruit to grow.  Whether from the seeds of the commercial variety or the plants sold at certain home improvement stores, the Mexican papaya can give you some nice fruits with the right growing technique. Papayas should be planted on the […]

  • Ripe Edward

    Edward Mango

    There is consensus among mango aficionados that the Edward mango is one of the finest premier mangoes of all.  It is large, 1.5 pounds and up, with creamy smooth orange flesh with wonderful citrus and spice flavorings.  A truly fantastic delight!  It has been known to be a light, off and on, producer of such […]

  • IMG_1423

    Malika Mango

  • IMG_7774

    Duncan Mango

  • image

    Edgar Mango

  • image

    Dupuis Mango

  • image

    Fruit Punch Mango

  • Kent Mango almost ripe

    Kent Mango

    Kent, a chance seedling from Florida, is an old-time favorite among many mango growers.  It is considered a fast grower under the right conditions.  The fruit is unusually roundish, yellowing as it ripens, with an excellent fiber-less flavor.  

  • IMG_7756

    Coconut Cream Mango


  • Valcarrie

    Valcarrie Mango

  • Cushman mango

    Cushman Mango

  • Alphonso Mango

    Alphonso Mango

        Alphonso might be one of the most famous of Indian dessert mangoes.  It’s flavor is wonderfully unique:  A combination of sweet, spicy and a bit “piney” – a strange combination to be sure, but for some, a truly marvelous cocktail of flavors. It is a vigorous grower, moderate producer and branches well.  Alphonso has […]

  • california-sugar-apple-close-jf

    California Sugar Apple

  • mango-irwin-unripe-jf

    Irwin Mango


  • mango-chinchilla-bunch-jf

    Gold Nugget Mango

    The Gold Nugget Mango is a small mango of distinction.  Likely descended from the Kent mango, it is a fairly fast grower.  Turning a beautiful yellow/gold when ripe, the fruit has yellow flesh, and is fiber-less with a nice pleasant sweetness.

  • mango-choc-anon-tree-jf

    Choc Anon Mango

      Apparently able to produce fruit multiple times a year in the tropics, the choc anon mango (also called “miracle” mango) is a producer of medium-sized fruit.

  • Big Rose Ripening Orange County

    Big Rose Mango

  • California Manolito and Paulito mangos

    Paulito Mango


  • California Manolito and Paulito mangos

    Manolito Mango

  • Haden Mango

    Haden Mango


  • California's Chinchilla mango

    Chinchilla Mango

    This California variety…

  • Spirit of 76

    Spirit of 76 Mango

  • Red

    Red Manila Mango

  • Dale Mango

    Dale Mango

    A delicious, heavy-producing California-developed mango.

  • Glenn Mango

    Glenn Mango

    Excellent beginning mango for California, top taste, excellent looks.

  • image

    Maha Chanok Mango

    Maha Chinok is the name of a beautiful new mango variety out of Florida – elongated with a beautiful pink and yellow blush when ripe. An upright and moderate grower,  with sweet fiber-less fruit make the Maha Chinok mango a top tier mango for many growers.

  • Timoteyo mango

    Timotayo Mango

    The Timotayo mango…another new variety, this time created by Tim Thompson out of Camarillo, CA, carrying a claim of extra cold hardiness.

  • Ismael Avocado

    Ismael Avocado

    The Ismael avocado…

  • PS Manila interior

    Manila Mango Seedling

    Widely available at big box stores, the manila seedling isn’t a true “manila.”

  • demo-meyer-lemon

    Meyer Lemon

    Unavailable in grocery stores, the delicious Meyer is the #1 lemon for the home grower.

  • mango-lemon-zest-sliced

    Lemon Zest Mango

    Lemon Zest is a newly-created Florida mango variety that seems to be a rather vigorous upright grower.  It has bright, fiber-less orange flesh, and large size fruit – a pound or more.  It’s been said its taste is reminiscent of orange sherbet.

  • Rajapuri Banana Bunch

    Rajapuri Banana

    A widely available and popular dwarf banana.

  • IMG_3545

    Carrie Mango

    An excellent condo mango prized for its famous flavor.

  • cherimoya1

    El Bumpo Cherimoya

    A taste test winner and excellent producer.

  • avocado-varieties

    Holiday Avocado

    An excellent dwarf variety for the home grower.

  • IMG_4966

    Red Malaysian Guava

    A delicious and unusual magenta guava.

  • sharwil-avocado

    Sharwil Avocado

    A delicious “B” variety gaining in popularity.

  • Valencia Pride Mango

    Valencia Pride Mango

    Fast Growing, Excellent Production, Great fiberless flavor

  • Keitt with fruit Palm Springs

    Keitt Mango

    The Keitt mango is a delicious late season variety from Florida. In fact it has great staying power on the tree. Unusual, in that the fruit can be picked when they start to color up and will ripen off the tree while the rest continue to slowly mature on the tree. Literally can give you […]

  • avocado-x

    Sir Prize Avocado

    A patented hass-type “B” variety with excellent taste and production.

  • avocado-x

    Hass Avocado

      The Hass avocado is the premier avocado in the world, and for good reason: excellent taste, prolific and a long ripening season. Unlike some other mediocre fruits in the supermarket, Hass is the flavor champion to beat. Hass is widely available at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, making it the most […]

  • dragon-fruit-varities

    Haley’s Comet

    A very large and delicious magenta hybrid dragon fruit.

  • imgp2726

    American Beauty

    A fast-growing delicious dragon fruit.

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